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Magic Grooming Glove

Magic Grooming Glove

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Easily clean up all the shedding fur while giving your kitty a relaxing massage they're sure to enjoy! Perfect for the warm weather and the shedding that comes with it.

Though we are a cat focused store, this works for dogs as well, for those of you have other pets.

Product Details:

·        Mimics the touch of your hand for a nice massage and natural feel.

·        Each glove has 180 soft silicone tips embedded to groom with ease.

·        Hair sticks to the glove, making it very easy to peel and throw away hair after grooming.

·        Minimizes shedding to help keep your house clean.

·        Works for all size cats and breeds! (Works for dogs as well)

·        Package includes 1 glove.

·        Comes in left or right hand fittings. Order both for double the grooming!